Nainital: The City Of Lakes

Nainital, one of the most beautiful city, with pleasant weather, beautiful sceneries, & Seven Lakes in all, hence also known as, "The City of Lakes".

Nainital, the term is not bound to be introduced though, as its beautiful sceneries have already captured the heart and mind of zillions around the globe. But as we know any story has dimensions of perspective in all, every character possesses a different vision of story. So, let me give an insight of Nainital for you all in my perspective.

Hang on, there can be questions; Who am I? What new can I do to introduce Nainital? Why should we the readers spend our time to even go through my perspective? Then, the answer to Who, What and Why is one simple explanation, this place is my native or should I say, fortuitously I am born and brought up in this piece of heaven. Hence, this makes my insight or perspective to be more profound or specific for all those who wish to visit this place once, twice, thrice, quadruple times…. (let us not limit) infinite times.

One of the 28 incredible states of India, Uttarakhand is blessed with few serene examples, Nainital is one of it, it wont be a hyperbole if we say Nainital is the prime attracting factor of our state to the tourists, distance has never been a hindrance for even people residing abroad for reaching Nainital. There are many destinations apart from the famous ones which only an insider can dwell in.

let us discuss in brief the charms of the city:

Naina Devi Temple: If it is to be believed, there are multiple folklores about the temple, one mythological aspect is when Lord Shiva was carrying Goddess Parvati her eye fell off at the place, where today is the lake of Nainital and also near to it the shrine of Naina Maa was built, where symbolically eyes of Maa are worshipped. It is one of the significant shaktipeeth of Hindu religion. Every year on, “Bhadra Maas, Shuklapaksh Ashtmi” fare is organized by the trustees and devotees Maa Naina Shrine Board. It’s the time when lakhs of people visit the shrine for worshipping the Goddess.

Hanumangarh Temple: Approximately 5 kms to the city here lies a beautifully built Hanuman mandir, the calmness of religious place takes you to another zone. A must visit spot in Nainital, generously known for its sun set and sun rise point.

Snow View: Linked with the Rope way its easy to reach to the mid of a hill, spot favorably known as Snow View from here a glance of Himalaya also can be seen with the help of a binocular located especially for the Himalaya Darshan. For kids we have MINI FUN AMAZING PARK.

Naini Peak: Well recognized as “China-Peak” the place actually is known as “Naini-Peak”, the story behind China Peak is, until the peak countered a landslide, “The Great Wall of China” was visible from the peak but now it is not, so the name has been changed as “Naini-Peak” as of now the entire city sight can be enjoyed by the person who treks to the place.

Tiffin-Top: Hike of few kms let us reach to the place known as Tiffin-Top, also popularly known as “Dorothy Seat”, the view of city is splendid from the top of the hill here. Again, recommended to visit.

Zoo: Expanded in the top of a hill, a perfect place to visit with your kids is the Zoo of Nainital beautifully designed to keep the animals in their convenience closure to the nature. Opened weekdays other than Monday from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Camel’s back: Densely populated forest and in the midst of it we see a big mountain resembling the back of a Camel. Not much people know about it, but it’s a definite place to create memories worth cherishing forever.

Lands End: The view discloses Khurpatal, one of the villages, closely connected to Nainital. Horse ride is also offered to the people to reach the destination.

Bara Patthar: To grasp the balancing view of big boulders and typical rocks, one need to walk few kms and reach here, the untouched version of nature is catered from the place.

Himalaya Darshan: To view the heights of Himalaya and feel the pride of being a Himalayan reaching this spot is a mandatory job to do, if Nainital is to be explored fully, it’s a place not to skip visiting.

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