A division bench comprising Honorable Chief Justice Vipin Sanghi and Honorable Justice Rakesh Thapliyal dismissed a plea brought forth by taxi operators and bikers challenging the 2017 court order that prohibited the issuance of taxi permits for Nainital town. The court firmly asserted that due to the city’s sensitivity and occurrences of landslides, “the operation of bike taxis within Nainital must be curtailed”. Consequently, the court’s decision has led to a ban on taxi bikes from operating on Mall Road and Mallital area in the lake city. The initial ban on taxi permits in Nainital city was implemented in 2017 following a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by Ajay Rawat. Despite the ban, during the tourist season, a substantial number of taxi bikes were seen plying on the city streets, causing considerable chaos. This situation prompted the police to remove these bikes from Mall Road, where they were haphazardly parked. In response to the police action, some taxi bikers approached the court, alleging “harassment by the authorities, and contending that bike-taxi driving was their means of livelihood”. The petitioners sought an order to stop police harassment and “allow them to continue their operations without hindrance”.
About Us

Blessing is being in a place which offers you 360 degree natures sight at least once in a lifetime. Luxuriant vegetation, tall apart mountains, beautiful water bodies and lot more such divine scenery to offer Nainital has it all. Fortunately we were born here so have been to edges of it. Our hometown is not newly discovered zone, people visit here since decades then what was the need for us to launch our company?

Everyone should get a fair chance to explore their own bit of this place, which is near to impossible when the steering of your travel hunt is in else's hand and you being trapped inside a car, controlling even your glance. It was a self-realization that to enjoy the natural scenery of this place one has to be the part of it, there should be no layer between the nature and your eyes none should stop the chilling breeze to touch your body while witnessing hard hidden beautiful view points of Nainital.

As a repercussion MeetUrNeed was found in the Year 2012 and registered in the coming year. Here you can rent your choice of ride bike, motorcycle, scooter, four-wheeler to be in nature's lap and explore it being yourself, before visiting fix how you want to see this place. All the vehicles are authenticated and well maintained for being offered with the view of safety and protection.

We are with you from the moment the deal is on till you cherish millions of memories of the trip back in your place. Every customer is our responsibility and we never let anyone down. Trust us with every ride you are more into our family, as family members need is always look up, so is our motto to Meet Ur Need too !

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